Why Choose CMR?

Why do our clients work with us at Cremation Metal Recycling? It is an excellent question. Crematoriums, hospital, and funeral homes all have a need that we can fulfill quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Our services provide a positive impact on:

The Environment: Recycling remaining metals reduces our carbon footprint. It keeps them out of the regular trash, the furnace, and landfills in general. Complex medical devices – such as pacemakers – are also recycled as part of our program; giving them a new place in the cycle of life.

Our Clients: By providing a secondary source of income through our recycling program, we are helping our customer keep their costs down and enabling them to pass those savings on to their customers.

There are never any up-front costs for any of our clients so it can be an easy decision to start recycling. 

Families: Every family wants their loved ones to be treated with dignity and respect. We handle the entire process using the utmost care and respect, from collection to refinement when after which the metals can be transformed into a useful products that will benefit others. 

For more information about cremation recycling services, or to schedule service with us, please call us at 800-664-8365.