Cremation Metal Recycling We Have The Highest Settlements In The Industry

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Helping to preserve the environment for future generations is our business.

Modern medicine has provided us with some amazing advances.  Knee replacements, hip replacements, pacemakers, dental implants... All these things enhance our quality of life but what happens to them when we don't need them anymore?  Disposing of materials that are classified as a bio-hazard can be costly and increase the ultimate cost to your customers. How can you keep your costs down?

The answer is Recycling.

The EPA requires that heavy metals be either recycled or disposed of properly since they can potentially damage the environment.  Through our professional, specialized process we can refine, and recycle almost any metal and put it back into circulation instead of filling up landfills.

Since post cremation metals must be disposed of properly, why not do something that not only costs you nothing but actually generates a return? 

Cremation Metal Recycling offers the highest settlements in the industry. We work with crematoriums throughout the region; teaching them how to collect the most precious metals and then we work closely with our refiner to offer the most up to date settlement amounts.

The return generated from recycling is probably more than you might imagine. Our customers are often surprised by the checks that they receive. Each full tote of precious metal can be worth a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars! Depending on what type of metal ends up in your tote the return could be significant.  Regardless of the return you are generating zero cash expenses to dispose of these metals.

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